Build web and mobile apps in half the time

Focus on your app, not on the infrastructure

How much time do you spend on tedious and repetitive tasks?

So you are going to start developing a new app. You think about the user interface, the user interaction, you start macking mockups,... And then you start developing. But before that you need to do lots of tedious, boring and repetitive tasks: .

  • You need to set up a server, a database, a development environment
  • You configure the database and start developing a web service
  • You start worrying about security and scalability
  • Everytime you need a new feature you start the cycle again (change the database, web service,...)

What if you could...

Drastically reduce the time to market

Focusing on coding actual features, the user interface, the user interaction, actual funcitonality.

Scale without worries?

Without having to worry about replication, backups, data centers, availability, etc.

Enjoy developing apps again?

Changing anything in no time without having to worry about deploys, environments, etc.

  • Keep your data stored in a fast and safe cloud service.
  • Start developing your app in minutes.
  • Handle and browse the data model in an intuitive control panel.
  • Get hard work done such as real-time and push notifications.
  • Enjoy a backend that evolves smoothly as your app grows.

Backbeam: the platform for your next mobile and web apps

We created Backbeam because we were tired of solving the same problems over and over again. We wanted a fast and powerful platform to start focusing on our apps instead of wasting time on the infrastructure.

  • screenshot
    The control panel lets you see and upload files
  • screenshot
    You can browse and handle the whole database
  • screenshot
    Optionally you can even create prototypes right in the browser
  • screenshot
    Full web development without leaving the browser

Want to see a full list of Features? See Features section.
Backbeam provides a complete set of functionalities ready to be used right now in your app:

Server Side Logic
Data Management
Users Authentication
Email Delivery
Push notifications

From developers for developers

We created this service because we needed in our freelance projects. The service is based in our day by day needs and experience.

The most flexible and powerful

The only one that has an intuitive language to make simple and complex queries. With BQL (Backbeam Query Language) you can make joins, conditional joins, full text queries and geo queries with a syntax similar to SQL.

Full featured web development

With Backbeam you can make websites right in the browser. Create teamplates and controllers in an online editor. Test your webapp and get feedback of any errors without leaving the browser. Just save and refresh!

Realtime API

The real-time API is great if you are developing multiplayer games, collaborative tools or apps that require instant communication.

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