Automatically inline css in your email templates

Writing CSS and HTML for email templates sucks due to the differences between email agents. A good practique is to inline the CSS in each HTML tag specially web-based email agents such as GMail will embed your HTML and you want to preserve your CSS rules over the user-agent ones. With this new feature you can do it automatically. You just need to go to the HTML template and you will see a new option at the bottom. Selecting this option Backbeam automatically will transform your HTML. It will process all your <style> tags and inline the CSS required in each HTML tag.

For example the following HTML template:

    span {
        color: green;

Hi <span>{{ user.get("name") }}</span>

Will be transformed into:

Hi <span style="color: green;">{{ user.get("name") }}</span>

Note that only <style> tags are processed. This feature won't process stylesheets included using <link> tags.

We hope that this feature will make designers' life a little easier :)