Playground panel: test your controllers in the browser

A few days ago we deployed another cool feature: the playground panel. We had detected that sometimes server-side logic is hard to test. You need to open the app, go to the screen that uses that server-side logic, test it, see what happens, correct mistakes, open the app again, go to the screen... Whoa! Couldn't this be easier?

Well you could always use curl but hey, that's not the easiest thing on earth if you need to specify headers (such as the authorization header), form parameters, etc. So we have made something like a visual curl to inspect HTTP requests.

It is intended to be used for server-side logic but you can use it for any web controller or asset. You can specify HTTP request headers, which HTTP method to use, the path of the request of course, querystring parameters, url-form-encoded parameters and probably the most useful thing: simulating an authenticated user that is in your database. If you are making complex queries depending on the authenticated user it is very, very useful to test the results in a few users.

On the right side you can see the response information such as the status code, the response body and the response headers. The response body is highlighted if the Content-Type of the response is a well-known format such as JSON, JavaScript, CSS, HTML,...

The playground panel always works using the development environment because you shouldn't test things in the production environment.

Extra feature: configure the code editors

Our control panel is a development environment and no development environment should miss it's configuration options for editing code. Tabs vs spaces, dark background vs light background,... :). Now there is a gear icon on the top-right corner of the control panel where you can configure the code editors to fit your wishes.

We hope you will enjoy these new features!