What's new and what's next

This month we have added a few great features

Google+ integration

We have added Google+ to our list of supported sigin providers. You can use Google+ in any of our SDKs. For example here you have how to signin Google+ users into your iOS app.

Ability to remove several objects at once

Now you can remove several objects using a BQL query. You can remove all objects matching the query or just a few of them. Here you have an example of how to remove several objects at once in Android. This feature is available in the other SDKs as well.

New data types

We have added 3 new data types! There is a day data type that lets you store dates that are absolute. So they don't depend on a given timezone. We have implemented a boolean data type that many of you were requesting. And finally we have added a JSON data type, so you can store complex data structures in one field value. Suppose for example that you are implementing an agenda and users can have several addresses. For each address you want to store the street, city, postal code,... Until now you could create an Address entity and create a realationship with User, but this is more expensive and if you always query the addresses of a given user it is unnecessarily complex. Now you can store something like this in just one field value:

    "addresses": [
        { "type": "home", "city": "Springfield", "street": "Evergreen Terrace", "postal_code": "1111" },
        { "type": "work", "city": "Springfield", "street": "Nuclear power plant", "postal_code": "2222" }

New control panel!

Finally we have made big changes to the control panel. Additionally to the whole redisign now you can edit server-side code almost like in any advanced desktop editor: tabs in addition to autocompletion, snippets, search, multiple cursors, syntax highlighting,...

What's next?

We are gonig to be adding more features as you request them. We're working on reaching 1.0 versions of our all SDKs and we are experimenting with new features in the server-side such as: better server-side code versioning (using git in our internals), some type of code instrumentalization to support debuging server-side code, ability to import data from the control panel,... Other important feature we want to implement is the ability to personalize the control panel with we have called "admin panels". You will be able to create forms that execute code in the server side and reply with tabular data, a map, a report, etc. For example you could create a form to "get the most active users, send them an email and show me a map of where they were connected last time".

And that's all by now. Be free to request more features if you find something that could be useful. Thanks!