Improved version control powered by Git

Your server-side code and assets are now tracked using Git. This lets you see the changes anyone makes to the code

Two strategies for improving the performance of your web app

Avoid unnecessary HTTP requests caching your assets easily

Playground panel: test your controllers in the browser

If you are writing server-side logic now you can test the results in the browser. Even simulating logged users!

New authentication providers: LinkedIn and GitHub

We have added support for these two platforms. Learn how to use them in your web app

Handling errors in server-side code

We, developers, are always dealing with errors, stack tracers, error messages. In this article you will learn how to deal with errors in server-side code

Automatically inline css in your email templates

Writing CSS and HTML for email templates sucks due to the differences between email agents. A good practique is to inline the CSS in each HTML tag. With this new feature you can do it automatically

Introducing HTTP Client for server-side code

Integrate your web controllers with third-party services and APIs with the new HTTP Client API

Create a native iOS app in 2 minutes with Backbeam

Instead of creating a new project from scratch and configure it by hand you can use the "iPhone prototypr". Create a native iOS app in 2 minutes without leaving the browser.

What's new and what's next

A recap of the features added last month and what we have in our roadmap to be developed in the next weeks

Create your first web application with Backbeam

With a simple data model and a couple of controllers and templates you can create a web application easily

Create a website in two minutes with Backbeam and Bootstrap

Using the builtin templating engine and the Bootstrap snippet available in the HTML editor you can create a website in two minutes

Mastering the Backbeam's builtin code editor

A screencast showing the snippets funcionality for HTML and JavaScript files. You can also use emmet in your HTML templates

Introducing collection constraints and social queries

We have added more functionallity to one of the operators in BQL. And with this new query constraint we introduce 'social queries'

Introducing the new micro JavaScript SDK

Learn how to use the new JavaScript SDK for frontend development

Integrate your app with server-side logic and enjoy the benefits

Write your business logic in the server side and invoke it from any platform

Signup users using Twitter in your web application

In this article you will learn how to integrate a Twitter signup into your web application.

Filling a map with locations in a iOS application

In this article we are going to show you how to use the geolocation capabilities of Backbeam and how to use some of them in a iOS Application.